Andalusion Olive Juice

We’re centenary olive growers from Jaén, the source!

We manufacture exquisite extra virgin olive oils.

And we market them worldwide.

About us

Andalusion Olive Juice, S.L. is a company specializing in the production of premium extra virgin olive oil.

We’ve been olive growers since time immemorial. We have been cultivating our olive groves since the early 20th century, after our ancestor, Benito Morente Rosell, decided to invest in olive groves in the area around Porcuna, birthplace of the generous picual variety of olives.

The experience we’ve gathered and the innovations we’ve added throughout past decades allow us to have extensive knowledge about the most advanced agronomic techniques.

In the last few years, we’ve begun to make our own “oleocaldo” (pure extra virgin first-press olive oils), incorporating the latest advances in olive oil production technology in the manufacturing of our extra virgin olive oils.

Our commercial focus is mainly international: our destination countries are located in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Obtaining maximum quality, innovating constantly, supporting rural areas and their inhabitants, and respecting the environment are the pillars that guide our everyday activities.


The Jaén countryside runs between Sierra Morena and the southern sierras, along the Guadalquivir river.

Between Lopera and Martos, at the heart of the sea of olive trees, the largest artificial forest in the world.

Facing Arjona and on the border of the Cordoba countryside, rises Alto de Porcuna, from which you can see hundreds of thousands of olive trees. Neverending non-irrigated extensive olive groves run over clay hills and valleys plowed by roads and rivers.

Here’s where the generous picual variety olive trees grow, born of the wisdom of the Iberian peoples of Ibolka -with the help of Phoenicians and Greeks who brought the sacred tree from the Middle East -, the Romans of Obulco, the Arabs of Bulkona…

These are our surroundings: fertile countryside fields with the optimum climatological conditions for the cultivation of olive trees.

Organic olive farming

Our olive groves are small areas located in the surroundings of Porcuna (in Jaén, Spain).

These are modern extensive agricultural fields, converted from old ones, only one foot from the picual variety and intensive cultivation of arbequina olives.

The organic farming system, inspected by CAAE, helps us fulfill our commitment to respecting the environment and our support of rural areas.

We use the plant cover and shred trimmings to protect and enrich the soil. Bushy islands help us improve biodiversity in our fields. We only use environmentally friendly pesticides. We fertilize the soil with alperujo compost and organic additives coming from extensive cattle farming operations, and remove sprouts ourselves…

Vicente Rodríguez Niño is our technical agricultural director. He’s an honorary member of CAAE and has been working as a consultant in organic olive farming for over 20 years.

Olive oil production

We produce our oils using healthy olives cultivated early, using only the ones from the treetop.

They are cold-pressed to preserve all the organoleptic, healthy properties of olive juice.

Once clarified and filtered, the oil is characterized and selected through sensory evaluation and chemical analysis.

Our isothermal cellar allows for optimal conservation. The reservoirs are made of stainless steel and have been made inert.

Bottling with inert sealing is done right before shipping orders to guarantee the best extra virgin quality.

Modern traceability systems allow us to perform a complete follow up of the production and marketing route of oil, from the olive tree to the table, to guarantee the best quality for the product.

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