Lágrimas de Oro

Verde Jaén Lágrimas de Oro is our first year organic extra virgin olive oil

Authentic olive juice, is a 100 percent organic olive oil from its source.

Verde Jaén Lágrimas de Oro is an organic olive oil from the countryside of Jaén, a unique environment, whose name pays tribute to the poetry of the light and immensity of the sea of olives, to represent the best Spanish premium extra virgin olive oils.

Tasting: One can smell a hint of freshly cut leaves and grass and can taste a combination of flavors: a smooth, balanced, bitter taste and an intense, sublime fruity aroma with a hint of sweet figs.

The organic olive cultivation, processes extraction and marketing system are controlled by the Servicio de Certificación CAAE (CAAE Certification Service).

Verde Jaén Lágrimas de Oro, doric black 500 ml bottle.
Verde Jaén Lágrimas de Oro 2 litres can.

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